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The Chainmail Bikini Chronicles

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      Welcome!  After several dormant months we have finally started some serious work on Chapter One.  As our target date of January has been missed, don't fret!  It will be out soon!  We will be adding more character drawings and other tidbits as they become available. 

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    What is The Chainmail Bikini Chronicles?  Eventually, it will be a nifty webcomic poking fun at the Fantasy and Roleplaying genre as we know it.  We've all seen the artwork with buxom women wearing snippets of strategically placed armor, and some of us have thought disgustedly, "What the heck?  There's no way she could fight in that."  Of course, others did not contemplate the protective merits of her armor and instead focused on . . . um, well, you get the idea. 

    Anyway, we got a little sick of it.  And we also got a tad fed up with some Fantasy cliches.  And we roleplayed with too many munchkins.  Subconsciously, the seed was planted that would lead to a joining of forces and a mustering of thinking caps. 

    So beware, ye bastions of male chauvenism.  Take heed, invincible dragons.  Find a place to hide, muscle bound warriors.  Stand tall, damsels in distress.  And for the Gods' sake put some clothes on, women in the leather thongs!  'Cause WE'RE wearing the chainmail bikinis now, and things are going to change, one castle at a time!

Cover for Chapter One - Coming Soon!
Coming Soon!!
Chapter One:
Off on a Lark

Planned for March 2000
Chapter Two:
The Wallowing Pig Tavern 

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The Chainmail Bikini Chronicles

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