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Becca Cloer
Jennie Seay
Jennie and I have been at this sort of Bashing for a long time!!  A hobbie can take you so far... *grin* 

Cheers to Jennie, who has the only working scanner between the two of us.  (If anyone can get me a new scanner bulb, hey...let me know) 

There's not a lot about me that's all that interesting... I'm a student (go fig. my major's actually in Asian Studies), I roleplay, I dabble in writing and I do a bit of drawing. I'm glad Jennie did some dragging, because I'm a rather stubborn sort, who stresses out about work too much. 

Anyhoo...hope you enjoy this little project, it's been a real trip to make so far!! 

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Becca got me into roleplaying 'cause she was dating this guy who was obsessed with Rifts.  She later married him, go figure.  I've always been interested in the Fantasy genre, and I've incorperated that interest into my drawings and writing.  My friend Steve suggested that I should do I webcomic, even though I didn't have a webpage at the time.  After ingesting too much caffeine I came up with some ideas, but I knew I couldn't pull them off on my own.  I decided to drag Becca into the adventure because I knew she'd love the idea and that she'd make a great cohort. 

I am a member of the SCA, a medieval recreation group, and I've been gaming for four years.  I am not going to school right now, but I work full time and I juggle numerous projects in my spare time.  Sometimes I even finish them. 

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