Armor Parts

(Not a complete list by any means - armor parts in use varied depending on the time period and style)

Armor parts, front (Knights and Armor Coloring Book, A.G. Smith)
Maximilian Armor, Germany, 1520
The flutes or corrugations gave the armor added strength without additional weight.  "Maximilian" armor is often considered to be the height of achievement of the armorer's craft.
Armor parts, back (Knights and Armor Coloring Book, A.G. Smith)
Both diagrams taken from Knights and Armor Coloring Book by A.G. Smith, Dover Publications - this is a really spiffy little book with 42 full page black and white drawings of different armors from A.D. 100 to 1640.  You probably won't want to color in it, but keep it for reference.  Go buy it - it's cheap!  You'll love it!

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