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    Update: 2/20 
      Added cover art to front page and fixed graphics.  Also put in two new picc. in the the gallery. Fear not, Chapter one will be out soon.  Right now, all of the sketches are finished, but we're finishing up the inking. 
    Update: 1/22 
      More new graphics.  Fixed the ones that weren't working right.  Redid some other pages.
    Update: 1/20 
      Added new graphics to the front page and made the email page and this page.  Production of Chapter One is going fairly well.  Becca will finish the cover art this weekend, and we should have the pencils finished and start on the inking process this weekend as well.  Chapter One is expected to be 4-5 pages without cover.  Story for Chapter Two is mostly finished - we are working on details.