What happened to Jennie?
Aliens.  Giant, bug-eyed, rampaging aliens from the planet Gorkzon.  They captured me going to work on day and kept me in a glass jar with holes punched in the lid.

Okay, maybe not.  How about mad scientists and some sort of fiendish mind control device?  No?  Subterranean species gearing up for world domination?  Coma?  Amnesia?  Works in the soap operas.

Fine, I can tell you aren't going to buy any of that.  2001 was both a very long and a very short year for me.  Here's a brief history of what happened:

Oct/Nov of 2000 -
The computer (Waterhouse) that my boyfriend and I were sharing started to go on the fritz.  It got a virus, so reinstalling Windows was necessary, and it was mostly a huge hassle.  You know the drill - all your links and customizations go down the drain.  I was busy at work anyway, so I figured, "I'll get caught up after the holidays."

Dec/Jan of 2000/2001 -
Waterhouse was more or less working, although I was nervous about setting things up because I didn't know if it would crash again.  In January, my boyfriend and I call it quits on our 3 year relationship.  It was a mutual decision and things were resolved amicably.  Mark found someone to take my place in the apartment and moving plans commence.

My sister, Bethany, and I near San Marco's Cathedral Feb/March of 2001 -
Moving sucks.  I hate packing.  Mark wanted to keep Waterhouse, so I get the futon.  I figure, "I've still got my laptop."  I decided to move back in with my parents, mainly because I took a two week trip to Italy the last part of March to visit my sister, Bethany.  I had a great time and I'll have some photos up at some point.  The day before I left for Italy, I discover poor Waldo, my laptop, is not acting very happy.

April/May/June of 2001 -
Waldo is definitely out of commission.  I think he got a virus from Waterhouse over the network.  Arrgg.  I continued to pay my hosting bills, but I somehow missed renewing my domain name . . . doh!  In other news, I started a new relationship with Ryan and work on finding a new apartment.  I decided to live by myself, which is expensive but I'm tired of roommates.  I move into my new place in mid-June.  Still no computer.

July/August/Sep of 2001 -
Saving up for new computer, which I get at the very end of September.  Unfortunately, I can't play with it because I have deadlines at work.  Doesn't that suck.

Oct/Nov/Dec of 2001 -
Working, working, working.  Pretty much August thru December was solid deadlines at work, punctuated with time spent with Ryan.  I turned 24 in October.  I got back online, nominally, but I didn't download my delusionland email until the end of December.  Doh!  3300 messages!  Arrgg!!  Okay, most of them are junk, but still . . . how the hell did I get on so many spam lists?

January of 2002 -
I finally get delusionland.com renewed and start doing stuff.  AngryWeasel (the new computer) is wonderful!  I had planned on getting a second monitor and graphics tablet, but once I see this I know what I have to get.  I am presently saving my pennies and expect to get it in February.

So what did I do the whole year?  Well, I worked a lot.  I moved twice.  I went to Italy.  I got into a new relationship.  I gamed just about every weekend.  I got a new computer.  I didn't do a whole lot of artwork, but I plan on fixing that.  2001 was an interesting year.

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