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All About Delusion Girl

    Name: Jennie Seay (pronounced like 'sea')
    Age: 24
    Birthday: October 11, 1977 
    Height: 5' 6"
    Weight:  Ha ha, like hell I'd tell you. 
    Occupation: trained monkey
    Relationship status: currently in long term relationship with Ryan
    Favorite colors: green and grey
Personality, etc.:
    As far as astrology goes, I am a Libra born in the year of the snake.  2001 was also a year of the snake, and what an interesting year it was!  (On a somewhat creepy note, 1941, the year the attack on Pearl Harbor occurred, was also a snake year.)  I find astrology to be a fascinating concept - sometimes surprising, sometimes laughable.  The snake profile (Chinese astrology) seems to fit me rather well, although I am probably not the best judge of myself.  
      Details on the my profile:
      1977 is a fire year (negative)
      snake is a fire sign (negative)
      born in the hour of the rabbit (sometimes called cat), a wood sign
      Libra is an air sign

      (If this interests you, you might check out or try the book 'The Handbook of Chinese Horoscopes' by Theodora Lau.)

    Personality tests are also of interest to me.  One of the most complex I've found online is the Keirsey temperament sorter that groups people into four basic groups with four subcategorizes.  I fall into the Rational category, being an iNTj (mastermind).  I occasionally test as an iNTp (architect), but the other traits (introverted, intuitive, thinking) are very solid.  

    Just about every personality test I have taken has put me in the philosophical, scientific oriented compartment.  I like thinking about things.  I am a perfectionist and a procrastinator.  Bad, bad combination.
    I hate moths with a passion that borders on obsession.  I keep three flyswatters in my apartment.  In the summer I keep the windows of my car rolled up all the time so they don't fly in.  I really, really hate them.  Some people think it is funny to exploit this flaw for all it is worth, but they should be warned that I will have my revenge . . . 
    Well, if I knew what I wanted to do with my life I'd be in school . . .   My problem is that all the stuff I'd like to get a degree in would qualify me for a position at McDonald's.  I've considered going into (in no particular order) architecture, mathematics, biology, psychology, philosophy, history, graphic design, animation, classical studies, creative writing, literature, teaching, computer science, programming,  . . . and the list goes on.  For all you people who would like to be good at everything, let me tell you that it gets damn confusing and I wish I were really good at one thing and I sucked at everything else.  It would be like the hand of god pointing to my place in life.  Right now I just think he's laughing at me. 

    I think I've finally decided that I want to be a comic book character.  No, not IN a comic book, but I'd like to be the sort of person that you might find in a comic book.  Comic book characters have lots of useful survival skills, they always look great, and who knows if they actually work a normal job or not.  I think lots of them are independently wealthy.  So whatever I end up going to school for - who cares.  You all know it's part of my plan to survive any earthshaking calamity that could possibly happen.  This means I need to pick up few skills - bellydancing, some form of martial art, marksmanship - and I need to wear leather a lot.  And sunglasses.  

    I currently work at TGS on the Digital Nautical Chart project.  Basically, I convert arc/info data to VPF format, which is the military standard used by NIMA, and sometimes VPF data to arc/info.  It's okay if that makes no sense.  

    Working retail sucks.  I learned this after working at House of Fabrics (now JoAnn Fabrics) for three years.  No, it did not take me three years to figure that out.  I also picked up sewing (I think everyone should learn how to sew), along with enough fabric to clothe a small country.

    Not to be anticlimactic, but this is it.  You're looking at my playtime, right now.  My drawings are in the sketchbook - you can go scoot over and check them out - and my writing stuff is also up there.  I also roleplay with the NorthCoGamers (a highly interesting bunch of people).  I've been a gamer for around eight years now.  

    I am a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism, a medieval recreation group, but I am currently on hibernation status because I'm simply too busy, and the night schedule thing messes with dance practice.  Dammit.  But the SCA is wonderful!  I had the privilege of fighting heavy weapons for a while - yes, I've actually gotten in armor and whacked people with rattan swords.  It's a terrific stress reliever.  I fought in the first Great Western War.  LONG LIVE THE OUTLANDS!

Random stuff:
Getting in touch with me:
    Email me.  Best possible way.  I can't promise I'll answer promptly, but I'll answer eventually.  Sometimes my life gets pretty busy, so be patient.  One out of two isn't bad, right?  Since I work nights, trying to get in touch with me by phone is difficult. 

    Or you could sign my guestbook.  I will be your friend forever.  Or at least until someone else signs it.

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