Me 'n Matt
This was taken in '97 or so.  It's me and Matt B. (now ex-boyfriend) before an SCA fighter practice.
"Listen up, you primitive screwheads - THIS is my BOOMSTICK!" --Army of Darkness
The NorthCoGamers went on a shooting expedition.  :-)
Go here for more photos and the Furby Military Academy.

Me doing what I do best.  :-)  Sleeping.  

Recently I was a bridesmaid in the wedding of two of my very good friends, Jeremy and Becca.  It was a wonderful wedding. :-)  The social event of the century. 
Here we are before the ceremony - don't we all look nice!  From left to right, Lindsey, Becca, Becky and me. 
Lindsey, Becca, Becky and me.
Hey, ho, the gang's all here! How the photographer managed to get us to hold still at the same time I will never know.  I think she bribed us. 
From left to right, Lindsey, Zaiem (not a bridesmaid), me, Becky, Becca, Jeremy, Mark, Wyatt, Matt S., and Marty. 
Now I remember!  She let us do fun shots like this one.  Heh heh - Jeremy isn't fooling anyone.  Yeah, baby!
"You may now kiss the bride?"  Hey!  Something's wrong here!  That's MY boyfriend!  Well, they say it isn't cheating if it's with the same sex . . . 
Me 'n Becca Congratulations, Becca!  You have been such a good friend.  :-)  You and Jeremy have already made it past the first year - good luck on the next 24!  (Not that you need it.)  Thanks for letting me scan the pictures, too. 

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