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You are visiting delusionland.com. The address delusionland.dreamhost.com is still active and functional, but for linking and access purposes, please use delusionland.com, thanks.  New linking banners are coming!

New graphics.  Ooo.  They aren't done yet - I'm working on the accompanying artwork.  This is being done mostly to reflect other changes - my sketchbook is now Delusion Studio, with a domain name to match (delusionstudio.com).  Don't worry, no need to change any links or bookmarks if you should have any.  They're still functional. 

Still working on various updates.  I know some things aren't working and I'm slowly tracking them down.  If you notice that some sections are missing from the list of links on the left, you're right.  They're down until I have more time to work on them.  I think they're just the parts no one goes to anyway. 

And if you're behind . . .  Yes, I'm back.  Been back since January or so.  Things are going well.  For a more complete update check out: 

What happened to Jennie?

"If you love something, let it go.  If it doesn't return to you, hunt it down, and kill it."
- Lacroix, Forever Knight

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